Each space has its own concept, target audience, service area and spirit. One of the most important factors that makes them different from each other, brings into the forefront, determines whole ambiance and quality is lighting systems that is, illumination systems.

Our engineer and technical staff specialists in the area of professional light technology created CostumeLight brand with this point of view.

CostumeLight provides service to spaces in the field of lighting systems, led screen systems, indoors and outdoors space led illumination systems, exterior led illumination systems. In order to offer solutions creating a difference in these areas of service, CostumeLight has an extensive network of models.

It successfully took part in many different projects in the world such as Clubs, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Malls, Plazas, Residences, Cultural Centers, Cinemas, Theaters and Conference Halls, Multi Purpose Halls, Concert Areas and Television Studios.

Professional CostumeLight models prioritize reliability and technical service while performing space specific applications.

With high end extensive network of models, CostumeLight will continue to be an innovative brand offering technology together with design.